AAA Hockey Frequently Asked Questions

The AAA Hockey experience is a great opportunity for players to meet new friends, play competitive AAA hockey tournaments and improve player skills.

Listed below are commonly asked questions which will help you better understand the AAA hockey program.

A: No, however players must be registered with a deposit. Players will be issued a tryout jersey by staff to wear for evaluations. Any player not selected for a team will be given a full refund of the registration fee.

A: Players can expect 10 minutes of skating and use of edges, 10 minutes of skills, 10 minutes of one-on-one and 30 minutes of scrimmage. Some drill may be shortened to get goalies more shots if there is a high goalie turnout. Players are selected by the coach of the team and our evaluation committee. Evaluators are given grading sheets with player tryout number but not player names.

A: NO, however some teams opt to buy additional training/practice hours.

A: No, there is no admission charge for any NHG Tournaments.

A: Coaches receive a coach handbook developed by the NHG and its mentors which defines playing time in the following manner: Coaches must play players evenly however coaches may shorten shifts during the last five minutes of the third period only to give the team the best opportunity to win the game.

A: The NHG actively recruits coaches who coach during the winter season. Coaches receive a handbook with clear, defined roles to improve player development.

A: NHG teams only required to have one goalie per team.  Some teams elect to carry two goalies.

A: AAA Hockey requires a commitment from each player to attend all practices and tournaments so it does not disrupt practices and team chemistry. However, we do understand that conflicts arise and players will not be penalized for missing a practices and/or tournaments.

A: Yes! Each player will keep their sublimated game jerseys and socks.

A: NHG does block rooms and will provide a list of hotels that teams will stay at. Host hotels are also listed on each tournament page on our website.

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